Account Terms

1. Terms are net 30 Days from the invoice date unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

2. Delinquent accounts may be subject to suspension of service, penalties of 3% per month (36% per annum) may also be assessed. The purchaser agrees to pay all bank service charges incurred due to insufficient payment funds, and or fees incurred if legal or collection action is taken.

3. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of each Invoice or Statement by saving or printing a copy while it is available to view in Fireball Online. We can provide you with an emailed copy of your Invoice or Statement at no fee.

4. You are required to review your electronic Invoices and Statements. If you think there is an error, you must contact us within 60 days after the delivery of the goods, or in the case of failure to make delivery, within 9 months from the date of shipment otherwise we will consider our records to be correct.

5. Prices shown in order tracking are subject to change without notice until an Invoice has been processed.

6. By using your Fireball Express Courier account, then in addition to any other applicable consents, your consent to the electronic delivery of your invoices, statements, and order notifications when selected, takes effect immediately. We may provide you with paper Invoices and Statements if we deem it appropriate or if we are unable to provide them electronically.

7. The following agreement and consent (this "Consent") will govern the electronic delivery of your Invoices, Statements and Notifications to you subject to the following terms and conditions:

i. Your consent to electronic invoices, statements, and notifications.

ii. We will attempt to notify you by email when your new electronic invoices are available by sending email messages to the billing email account specified when you opened your account. This email will, by default, contain an attached copy of your most recent invoice. Optionally, a separate email will be sent containing a file containing further order details if requested.

iii. Your electronic invoices, and statements, and order tracking information is made available for you to review in Fireball Online for a minimum of seven (7) years, or as long as your Fireball Express Courier Account remains open.

iv. You understand and agree that: you will access your Fireball Online account on at least a monthly basis in order to review your electronic Invoice or Statement, and maintain the integrity of your user accounts; if you have requested email notification remember

a. Email communication is not secure or reliable and the email notification may not be received by you in a timely manner or at all,

b. You must directly contact our office to notify us of any change to your email address for billing, and

c. Your request to receive email notifications does not in any way change your obligations to access your Fireball Online account at least once a month to review your electronic Invoice and Statement. Fireball will not be responsible for any damages or costs incurred by you as a result of any failure to:

i. receive an emailed Invoice, Statement or order status notification,

ii. review your electronic Invoice and Statement, or

iii. pay any amounts owing as indicated on your electronic Account Statement, including, but not limited to, any penalties and interest you may be required to pay.

v. Electronic Statements and Invoices are presented as PDF files, and are viewable using a PDF reader software program on your computer. We do not provide this software.

vi. We may amend these posted terms of Consent. If you utilize your Fireball Express Courier account after the effective date of the change, it will mean that you have agreed and consented to the change.

vii. This agreement applies in addition to our Limitation of Liability, which governs your general use of our services, which governs your Fireball Express Courier Account.